Photos & Videos

    Some of these pictures are actually video testimonials! Click on the images to get a better look at all the fun we’re having and hear what happy parens have to say! 😊🎉

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 Your Hero was great with my son. Maxwell can be very shy so I wasn’t sure how he’d respond. But your Performer was so  gentle. By the end of the party Maxwell didn’t want him to go! 

Nicole V.

We had so much fun with our Hero. He had a bunch of different games and made sure all the kids were included.  He made sure Thomas was the center of attention.  That’s what I wanted most for my son, to feel special on his birthday. You did that, and then some!  Thank you.

Sam H.

Didn’t think a party could be so much fun. I have to be honest, I initially booked with you just to give myself a break during the party. We had a lot planned. But your guy ended up being the highlight! He was funny, kind, and enthusiastic. They couldn’t stop talking about him once he left. 

Diane L.

Arm wrestling. Making them fly. Great stories. A gift for my son. A warm and enthusiastic performance.  Expect more parties from my area because word will be getting around.

Melissa R.

My son has always been crazy about superheroes. After our party I think he wants to be one. We are so happy we got you. You have made this birthday incredibly special and have set the standard for years to come. We have tons of pictures and memories. Thanks!

James T.

That was a blast. Joshua and his friends can be a tough crowd but your guy delivered. From the get go he was cracking jokes and making them laugh. Loved how he picked Josh up and made him fly . Of course all the other kids wanted a turn, and like a champ he happily obliged. Its been a week and its apparently all they talk about at school. I’ve had several parents call me to ask about it. Thanks again!

Scott A.

 Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I was laughing the entire time. Such a delight. My son loved it. Thank you for this gift.

Ami M.

Smelly sock tag! I like it. The performance was very unique. I’ve been to a few superhero parties in the past, but none of them were like this. I really appreciated how he responded to the different temperaments of kids. With the quiet ones he was tender, but with the rambunctious ones he was tough and rugged.

Kelly Q.

Fantastic costume. The performer was clever. He paid attention to each one of the boys. They were laughing, running, and jumping the whole time. Thank you for giving my son an amazing birthday party.

Jordan L.