Unfortunately bullying is an experience that marks many childhoods. According to research done by various institutes and psychiatrists  almost half of all children will be victims of  bullying at some time during their years in primary or secondary school. More than 10 percent of children are bullied on a regular basis. Child bullying is a serious problem. It can do long term damage to children. Lowering the self esteem of the victim and reinforcing destructive behaviour patterns in the bully. Values and beliefs formed at this stage of development can remain with the children for a lifetime. It teaches them to assume a relationship of aggression is normal in relationships with other people. Children who are bullied can be stunted emotionally and socially, as well as see their schoolwork suffer. In some cases, serious depression and attempted suicide can result from childhood bullying.

It is for this reason that Heroic Parties has developed an End-Bullying Program.

Our Super Heroes Engage kids through exciting activities and games while teaching them values and the importance of being a positive member in a community.

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