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Heroic Parties is a unique party performance service. We deliver fantastic birthday experiences and make dreams come to life. We provide affordable entertainment that will make your child’s birthday an adventure to remember. We are also developing anti-bullying initiatives to support young children and strengthen the community.

What We Do

Our heroes are available for all kinds of events. We are here for whatever you need.

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Our Performance Roster consists of talented actors and martial artists who are


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A birthday party is all about the experience you provide. Your child will love the different presents you give them, but what will set this birthday apart from the rest? How will you make him feel? What will make him feel that way? There’s nothing like feeling special, loved, and having all the presents you wanted. But what if you got a present you’d only dreamed of? An experience that brings childhood fantasy to life?

Get Ready

It is every kid’s dream to hang out with their favourite super hero. But do to the nature of that dream, many don’t believe its possible. Many think Heroes can only be found in movies, comics, or on the TV screen. Imagine the elation your child will experience when there favourite super hero is right in front of their eyes, at their own birthday party, just for them. Feeling special is one thing, feeling super hero special is another. Bring a hero to your child’s party, they will feel like one, and you’ll become one yourself.

The Founder


I’ve loved superheroes for longer than I can remember. Literally, when I started this my aunt told me stories I’d forgotten about how I’d idolize my favourite heroes and get excited over every show. I don’t know what it was in particular, but something about it struck a chord. The courage it required to face danger for the sake of others, the powerful abilities that allowed them to reach beyond human potential, and the transcendence of their own limitations for the greater good. It looked really cool and it was really fun but there was a deeper reason for me watching. I was bullied as a kid.

And inside I always felt a wound. That wound caused me to want to stand up for others. To want to protect. Because if I could protect others from the pain I felt, part of me would be allowed to heal. I saw that in all the superheroes I watched. There was the part of myself that felt I was being protected, and encouraged to protect through the selfless act of an imaginary stranger a universe away. That’s the thing about superheroes. They bring out the best in us.

I believe in superheroes and what they stand for. They are the archetypes, the modern myths of our culture. Their presence can serve as inspiration in our darkest moments.

Our parties are loads of fun. And it might be just that for your kid. A great moment that whizzes by like the rest of their childhood. Or maybe its that moment that sticks. That moment where their dream comes to life and inspires them to believe in themselves and pushes them long after they’ve forgotten.

I’ve combined my experience as an actor and Tae Kwon Do Black Belt to create an amazing  entertainment experience and assemble a phenomenal team.  We turn fantasy into reality for kids on the most important day of the year.

Their birthday.